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James Finlayson harnessed the Tammerkoski rapids in 1820 to establish a factory, which was to become the largest industrial enterprise in the Nordic countries. Our archive of over 100,000 designs has played a unique part in the history of Scandinavian textile design. During our journey of soon 200 years, our products have found their way into almost all Finnish homes. Experience has taught us to love people's homes and everyday lives more than we love ourselves. Currently our entire design philosophy is built around this realization.


FINLAYSON™ was founded by the Scottish machine engineer, James Finlayson, about 100 years before Finland became an independent country. The company was a melting pot for different nationalities and cultures long before internationality spread elsewhere in Finland. For this reason, it is natural for FINLAYSON™ to be known as an exceptionally open-minded and tolerant company.


FINLAYSON™ was among the first in Scandinavia who gave women the opportunity to work and to lead an independent life. That is why it is no wonder, that gender equality is a self-evident quality for FINLAYSON™.


In 1882, the first electric light in the Nordic countries was switched on in FINLAYSON™’s factory weaving mill. FINLAYSON™ did a lot of things before others - tested and had the courage to take risks. Perhaps, that is why it continues to be one of the most open-minded companies in Finland.


FINLAYSON™’s first pattern book is from the year 1836. The company basically brought textile prints to Finland. Its designs have shaped Finnish homes throughout the decades more than any other manufacturer.


FINLAYSON™’s design archive contains about 100,000 designs. It is the greatest of its sort, in the whole world. The oldest designs are from the year 1836, and new ones are continuously born.


Long before the rest of Finland had even heard of the word “internationality”, over 90% of FINLAYSON™’s product went into exports, and during the 1800s received numerous mentions in trade fairs in cities such as Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Moscow.


According to research, FINLAYSON™ is clearly the most loved home textile manufacturer in Finland. FINLAYSON™ products can be found in more than 85% of all Finnish homes.


FINLAYSON™ generated its own social security system at a time in which this was unheard-of. With a history like this, it is understandable that FINLAYSON™ continues to be a socially responsible company, and speak bravely for tolerance.


Since FINLAYSON™ was founded in 1920 - a time when no one could “afford” to buy poor quality - it is natural that its products are both timeless and of high-quality.




Scottish engineer James Finlayson moves to Finland on the invitation of Tsar alexander i of Russia to establish a cotton factory by the Tammerkoski rapids in the city of Tampere.


The Russian emperor’s court physician Georg Adolf Rauch and businessman carl Samuel Nottbeck from St. Petersburg purchased the factory. This initiates a period of rapid growth and the company becomes the biggest industrial enterprise in Scandinavia. The company has its own school, daycare, hospital, library and church.


After the Crimean War paper money has lost its value and FINLAYSON™ issues its own in 1855. The company pays wages in the currency, which is accepted by all shops in Tampere.


The Nordic’s first electric light is switched on in the Nordic’s biggest weaving hall. Some workers stop showing up because they think the invention is the work of devil.


The first FINLAYSON™ store was established in Tampere, in the same location it operates today.


Emergence of women designers. all the designers at FINLAYSON™'s Forssa factory are women. The studio goes on to produce thousands of designs that inspire Finns to this day and take a central role in Scandinavian design.


During the golden era of Finnish functionalist design, FINLAYSON™'s ready-made sheets are decorated with embroidery and printed designs. The first duvet cover is made.


FINLAYSON™ is Finland’s biggest employer: 11 factories and 6,500 employees. Between 1976 and 2014, FINLAYSON™, along with the wider European textile industry, falls victim to globalisation, shifting its focus towards brand management and design in response.


FINLAYSON™ gets new owners who blow new life into the company.


FINLAYSON™ starts to recycle household textiles at its stores. FINLAYSON™ continues to grow strongly in Finland and opens its first store in Sweden.

FINLAYSON™ is voted one of the top five most exciting brands in Finland.