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Setup your Comma Sleep Topper / Mattress

How long can I leave the mattress in the bag?

We suggest unpacking your mattress soon after delivery; within 1 week is ideal.

If for any reason you need to leave your mattress in the bag longer than 1 week, reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.

Can I sit on the edge of the Comma Sleep Mattress?

Well, we know people do sit on the edge of the mattress from time to time. However, Comma Sleep Mattress is designed for you to sleep on. So, we’ll have to say “No, it’s not recommended”.

How do I ventilate the Comma Sleep Mattress?

The Comma Sleep Mattress uses materials like Tencel® and individual pocket spring so it’s very breathable. So typically speaking, you don’t have to ventilate the mattress.

How do I clean the Comma Sleep Mattress?

First of all, never remove its cover. It’s not designed to be removed. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or stain then let it dry completely.

Should I use mattress protector?

For hygiene reason, we recommended you to use mattress protector, it is a good way to keep your mattress long-lasting.

I love the naturally soft touch of Tencel® cover so much, should I use bed sheet?

For hygiene reason, we recommended you to use bed sheet, it is a good way to keep your mattress clean and long-lasting. Or you may visit our FINLAYSON™'s bedding collection, know more about ProModal®

Can I use heating pad with our mattress?

Yes, you may use heating pad or electric blankets with our mattress.