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  • Topper+Mattress feel recharged every morning

    Every Great Day Starts The Night Before!

    From the night you start using Comma Sleep mattress, you are going to wake up feeling refreshed every morning.





Topper + Mattress

Topper + Mattress

From $5,990.00 - $8,190.00


100 night in-home trial

We believe that trying out the mattress in a retail stores for a few minutes, you won’t be able to know the mattress is a perfect fit until you have a few nights to try it out at home. That’s why we offer the 100 night in-home* Trial.

*100 night in-home trial for: Mattress / Topper+Mattress ; 30 night in-home trial for: Topper.

Free and next day delivery

Once you’ve placed your order, our customer service team will contact you to confirm the delivery details such as address and time. In most cases, if you place your order today, you will be able to feel a comfortable sleep on a Comma Sleep mattress the next evening.

Hassle free return

If you’re not happy with your Comma Sleep Mattress, just send us an email within the home trial period, we will handle the rest and issue a full refund as we believe that returning something should be as easy as buying it.

Get more, pay less

Businesses can be honest and premium products don’t always need a hefty price tag. By avoiding additional retail markup costs, we can commit to quality material and craftsmanship and keep our prices affordable.


Embrace your body

Mattress in the market these days are typically made of either inner-spring, foam, or latex. Which one is better? We have decided to combine these materials to make one hybrid mattress. We use individual pocket springs to provide strong support for your body and combined foam and latex on top for maximum comfort.


We ban memory foam

During our R&D process, we focus on material suitability and do not allow ourselves to be distracted by trendy gimmicks. So you will not find stuff like memory foam in our mattresses. Memory foam lack of support as its rigidity changes and it also traps heat; it is terrible to sleep on.


We Could Charge $10,000, But We choose not to.

A lot of mattress out there claim they have some “special features” to help you sleep better, but these are no more than marketing gimmicks to sell mattresses at ridiculously high prices. We pride ourselves at Comma Sleep to keep our prices fair and affordable. Our motto is “just right” and we apply this throughout the company to avoid necessary overhead and retail costs to focus on making our products to satisfy your needs and share our savings with you. 


No More Sweaty Night

Comma Sleep uses the best materials like Tencel®, natural latex and individual pocket springs. These highly ventilating materials let you say goodbye to a sweaty night. Don’t forget the uniquely designed foam of our Topper allowing more airflow so you can maintain the best body temperature throughout your sleep.


Extremely Durable

Comma Sleep Mattress have reinforced edges to help keep its shape so you won’t feel like you’re going to fall off your bed. Believe it or not, a lot of mattress in the market do not have this. 



240 pounds

30,000 times

compress 50%

50,000 times


Setting up Comma Sleep Topper or Mattress is easy and fast. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

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Topper - Instantly improve your sleep

Not ready to replace your old / hard mattress? Comma Sleep Topper can help, You will love Comma Sleep Topper because it is cozy to lie on and much more breathable than memory foam. It offers a cushioned and comfortable sleep and gives your old/ hard mattress a luxurious boost.

Good For: Transform your hard mattress / add extra comfort to current mattress.

Start from $1,490


Mattress - The Mattress with the right support for you

A soft layer of latex contours to your body for comfort with individual pocket springs to provide support to your waist and back. Durable, breathable, and naturally anti-bacterial, Comma Sleep Mattress is perfectly balanced for better comfort and sleep.

Good For: people who need responsive support.

Start from $4,300


Topper+Mattress - Unbeatable comfort

Comma Sleep Topper + Mattress will release your daily body fatigue and stress while providing outstanding support for all kinds of sleep positions. It also helps retain optimal body temperature so there will be no more sweaty nights.

Good For: people who need the right support also comfy cushioning on top.

Start from $5,990

Need help deciding?

優質乳膠加上獨立袋裝彈簧真空床褥 給你在家試睡100晚 | Comma Sleep


獨立袋裝彈簧真空的乳膠床褥,香港Comma Sleep給你在家試睡100晚

床褥是床上用品之一,品質好的床褥會讓人的睡眠質量大大提高,而質量差的床褥反之,睡一晚可能就是腰酸背痛,很不舒服。為此,選購好的床褥很重要。香港的Comma Slee不僅提供優質乳膠床褥、真空床褥的選擇,且採用獨立袋裝彈簧床褥,以及在家試睡床褥購買服務,為廣大的消費者提供了優質的睡眠服務。

為何購買Comma Sleep的乳膠真空床褥

Comma Sleep床褥採用天然乳膠製作,乳膠床褥可有效的抑制微生物細菌和蟎蟲,貼身睡眠親膚性好,享受舒適的無憂睡眠。且獨立袋裝彈簧床褥的設計提升了床墊的空氣流動,可以讓睡眠變得更加的舒適。另外,這種床褥的彈簧是獨立運作,不受到干擾,你想怎麼翻滾睡覺都沒問題,給身體帶來較好的承托,讓你擁有舒適睡眠。

Comma Sleep在家試睡床褥品質卓越

Comma Sleep品牌的床褥口碑好, Comma Sleep提供了在家試睡床褥100晚服務,購買真空床褥回家試睡100晚不滿意可以退貨處理,將消費者的利益放在了首位。Comma Sleep薄墊乳膠床褥、獨立袋裝彈簧床褥集合了舒適的承托力,回彈效果好,耐用,天然透氣的效果,讓你的睡眠剛剛好的舒適。

購買Comma Sleep床褥 可享受在家試睡100晚服務

現在購買Comma Sleep的優質乳膠獨立袋裝彈簧床褥,還有8折的購買優惠,高性價比且品質高的真空床褥,100晚的在家試睡床褥,給你更好的睡眠品質。

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