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    A restful night’s sleep could be right under your head - or your ear, either you sleep on your back or on your side, we are here to help you find the right pillow.

    (sorry! Stomach sleeper)


Investing in a good pillow is almost as important as invest in a good mattress.  A prefect pillow provides the right support for your neck and head and keeps your spine perfectly aligned - stopping stiffness or any discomfort in your neck next morning. Here’s our guide to find a right pillow.

Side sleeper

Side sleepers need a good support pillow (latex pillow is a good option) and its on the thicker side, the ideal thickness of a pillow you need is the one that’s as thick as the distance between your ear and shoulder.

Back sleeper

If you like to sleep on your back, you may need a flatter pillow to keep your neck in alignment, back sleepers also like softer pillows, the prefect one is that provides additional support to your neck while maintaining the softness that is comfortable for you.

Combination sleepers

Finding the right pillow for combination sleepers can be tricky, it has to be thick enough to support your head and neck while you are sleeping on your side, and flat enough for sleeping on your back, also, it shouldn’t be too soft, nor too firm. Our Natural Latex - functional, with central bowl-shape perfectly contour your head, neck, the two sides slightly higher ideal for side sleeping.  This pillow can provide adequate support no matter you sleep on your back or at the side.



First of all, when we talk about “down”, we mean the undercoating, the fluffy part of a duck / goose’s feather, if it comes with a quill running down the middle, it’a feather, not “down”. Down pillows are light and soft, so if you like a soft place to rest your head (or you want to have a pillow fight), you may like a down pillow. Just not so great for those who have allergic reactions and sensitivity to down.


They are soft and fluffy and supportive. Check out the “Anti-bacterial white goose down feather pillow” in our shop, its filled with 50% white goose down / 50% of microfibre balls, it combine the best of both worlds.


Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree as known as a natural type of foam. Latex pillows are bouncy, and you will be surprised by how responsive and accommodating the latex can be  at the same time, it allows latex pillow contours to your head and neck. The structure of nature latex allows air to flow through which makes it  — cool!

Check out our latex pillow



Generally speaking, you should replace your pillow every two or three years. It doesn’t matter how much you love your current pillow, you can’t keep it forever. We know, some well-made pillow might last up to five years, but that’s not the point. Like it or not, every night as you sleep, you leave behind some stuff like -  skin, hair, body oil, sweat, drool that your pillow absorbs. The buildup of these stuffs can cause your pillow to smell, even worse, these conditions will attract dust mites to grown in your pillow, dust mites feed on your skin and they are bad for people with allergies.



There is noticeable lumps and bumps, stains and dingy.

It feels flat, you are not getting appropriate support from it.

You wake up every morning with a stiff and aching neck.



Unfortunately, most pillows can’t be thrown into a washing machine like how we clean our clothes, but the covers can, just make sure to check the care label first, and the pillow itself can be vacuumed from time to time to keep dust away. We strongly advise you to use pillowcase on your pillow, and have it washed once a week, if you need an extra protection, check out our pillow protector.

I need a pillow protector


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Perfect pillows in Hong Kong for side or back sleepers| Comma Sleep

Buying pillow in Hong Kong? it doesn’t matter if you are a side or back sleeper, prefer soft or firm support, we have the right pillow for you! Visit us now to pick the right pillow for a good night sleep.

Picking the perfect pillow Hong Kong for side and back sleepers

Sleep is one of the most important elements of anyone’s life. You need perfect rest for you to be fully productive and give yourself a chance to shine. Choosing a pillow can make a great difference in the quality of sleep. It does not really matter the kind of sleeper you are when you have a good pillow at hand.

Why choose comma sleep pillows?

One of the things that make it possible for a person to rest completely and wake up feeling stronger and brighter is having the right pillow. Whether you like a firm or soft support, there is always something for you to pick at comma sleep. You can select from the widest range of products available at the website and be on your way to enjoying high quality sleep whenever you need it.

Sleep should be taken seriously because it is during such times that the body and mind get to relax and shut off all the worries of the day ahead. You should always strive to pick a pillow Hong Kong that is perfect for your needs. Having a good pillow can redefine your sleep patterns and add some extra comfort.

The pillows at comma sleep are anti-bacterial and are made with white goose down feathers. These are highly purified and are combined with polyester balls for that added comfort and strength. This means that the pillows are not only powerful, they are also able to protect the skin regardless of how sensitive it is and also decrease any kind of odor.

What makes the pillows stand out?

The pillows, as mentioned earlier, are made using white goose down feathers up to 50 percent. 90 percent of these are down. There are also the polyester balls that make the other 50 percent. The pillows are comfortable and airy and this means extra support for you as you sleep through the night. This comfort is made possible because of the large proportion of the feather filling.

The other notable aspect of the pillow is the pillow cover. This cover is specially treated using USA SILVADUR. This is antimicrobial technology, which is capable of preventing the bacteria that causes odor from growing on the surface of the fabric. It is this that makes it possible for the pillows to remain fresh at all times. This also means that the pillows Hong Kong smell clean for a longer time as well.


This is a polymer that has silver technology, which then delivers some silver ions every time organisms form or land on the treated fabric. The ions are released, continually to kill the microbes safely. This makes it possible to remove the odor and prevent the degradation of the material.

The technology means that you can enjoy your high quality period for a long time to come. The pillow cover is made of 100 percent polyester material. The other thing to note is that the pillows come in different designs. You can achieve the kind of look that you have always desired and give your bedroom a vibrant and inviting look that helps you relax.

When you have a good pillow, it does not really matter whether you are a back or side sleeper. You will always enjoy quality sleep. If you are looking for the perfect pillow in Hong Kong, look no further than comma sleep.

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